POS Billing screen for faster billing , Minimal user Input , MRP Wise barcode / EAN Support. Supplier wise Purchase order generation

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GST-Billing-Software for small Distribution,Retail and Manufacturing
Horizon ERP billing software has dedicated functionalities that helps retailers overcome day to day challenges. simple and easy utilities like POS Window/POS Mode, Barcode printing, Fixed Pricelists are exclusively for retailers. Reporting break ups for sales purchase order generation module helps retailers in placing orders and maintaining effective control over inventory. Barcode generation and built in support for EAN Code scanning is to simplify the billing process at the counter to achieve faster turnaround times. The billing software generates GST compliant Invoices which can be customised independently on the basis of user needs. There is a dedicated GST Filing module within the billing software that generates CSV or JSON as per GSTN specification with which GST filing can be done with relative ease. The built-in data validation helps you identify any data entry level errors. Bulk E-Way Bills can be generated against invoices with a single click to generate the required JSON file, which eliminates the need to generate the same manually. The software comes with a built in financial accounting module that generates all financial accounting related reports without any additional entries. Well tracked inventory is a critical component of any retailer, a strong inventory management software is the heart. The built-in inventory module helps users maintain inventory in multiple godown’s or batch wise. SKU's can be grouped and classified to make reporting and monitoring easier. There are inventory controls to manage excess billing as well as a pricelist module which helps in maintaining multiple pricelists. The latest version which is GST Ready ensures an end to end solution for retailing.Reports can be genrated at any time as per parameters specified by the user. GST tax changes can be easily handeled by the user with bulk edit master windows. Software designed with a focus on enterpise features ensures scalablity , reliability and flexibility.