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Ready to use Billing and Accounting software solutions with Enterprise Reporting

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Consultancy services to analyse current business needs and offer solutions from re-organization to re-structuring of your business.


Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) solutions tailored specifically for the Small & Medium Enterprise(SME) sector - FMCG Distributors, Retail Outlets, Clinics and Hospitals.


Build brand value and Increase brand visibilty by taking your brand/product across to your probable customers on the online domtain.

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CSTORE.IO PLATFORM is a professional tool allowing for automatic management of sale in e-commerce, designated both for wholesale and retail. Modular construction of the system allows for adjusting the software to user's individual requirements.

Connected Banking With ICICI

To improve ease of doing business and to stay ahead in new digital world, banks are becoming more open and allowing customers to transact with them through various channels.ICICI Connected Banking is one such initiative of that allows secure and seamless integration of ICICI core banking functions with the customers ERP and accounting software. By integrating LEDGERS with ICICI bank current account, a range of core accounting functions like bank account reconciliation, NEFT/RTGS/IMPS payments and account balance checks can be made more easy, automated and secure.

Our Vision

We build Business Intelligence Solutions with a human touch. We believe software solutions must work in harmony with the human mind. It should interact with its users making their work easier and thereby enhance productivity. We give utmost importance to interface design and ergonomics to make our users at home with our systems. An application that a user likes using is one which brings out the best in him. They easily spend more time working on it and add to their productivity. We aim to make our business solution products fluidly integrate with the lives of its users.

Challenges We Have Overcome

In all our years of existence we have had to overcome a series of challenges, from being a new name in the industry with limited funds and infrastructure, to providing mass produced software applications. From a company that deployed one to one solutions to individual clients, to evolving our methodologies to undertake the challenge of deploying a generalized package across the state in hundreds of locations. We had to rethink our product strategies when the world moved on from desktop application to cloud based applications. We are now on the verge of confronting our next challenge as the world moves from PC's and laptops to portable devices like tablets and phones.

Our Team

We are team of young thinkers with a never quenching thirst for innovation. We like to tinker around with cutting edge technologies available today and our passion lies in enthralling our customers with fluid applications which respond to all their whims and fancies. It gives them information at their fingertips while the soothing and interactive interface makes data input a pleasurable experience.

Our Destination

Human life is supposed to be a journey, so is the life of an enterprise. We believe that we are on a journey to become an entity that is to be reckoned with globally when it comes to providing cutting edge Business Intelligence Solutions. Our aim is to grow; keeping our intrinsic values intact and be a model for Innovative enterprise. We emphasize on retaining the smiles on the faces of lives we touch on our forward journey.

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Horizon ERP Wins Great User Experience Title Under the ERP Software Category from a Popular Platform for Desktop Application Reviews At Horizon ERP, we believe that having the best possible user experience allow users to work harmoniously with the software, making work significantly easier and greatly boosting their productivity and efficiency. And so, it is with great pride that we announce Horizon ERP was recently distinguished for its outstanding user experience. FinancesOnline, one of the most trusted software review platforms in the industry, has recently distinguished Horizon ERP with its Great User Experience Award for 2018. FinancesOnline, which is visited by over two million visitors on a daily basis, aims to equip businesses with an intimate knowledge on the ins and outs of each software solution across various categories, including the top accounting software on the market. It also reviews software solutions and provides detailed comparisons to help businesses make an informed purchasing decision. Being awarded with their Great User Experience Award for 2018 is a clear indication that Horizon ERP is the top choice for businesses looking for an intuitive and easy to use solution for their operations. It's exceptional design also paved the way for Horizon ERP to be recognized as one of the top choices in the FinancesOnline ERP research. The best reason to own Horizon ERP, as written by FinancesOnline, is its "rich set of accounting and inventory management features" that simplifies "even the most complicated processes and accelerating your workflows exponentially" for distribution operations. Furthermore, FinancesOnline stated on their Horizon ERP overview that our software is able to provide users with "control of all your business processes" seamlessly from a single environment. Without a doubt, Horizon ERP can easily show businesses why is ERP software useful. Nothing can better indicate a pleasant user experience than positive feedback. FinancesOnline scoured the feedback of Horizon ERP from across the internet and aggregated a whopping 100 percent user satisfaction rating, thus paving the way for us to win their Rising Star Award for 2018. Try our GST billing and accounting software today to improve the day-to-day operations of your small business for more accurate work and steady business growth.