Customisable Invoice formats for all kinds of printers and all kinds of businesses

GST Invoicing

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GST-Billing-Software for small Distribution,Retail and Manufacturing
Horizon ERP handles GST Invoicing with tax configuration that automatically decides whether to apply the CGST/SGST combo or IGST based on the type of customer. The masters can be configured to automatically calculate reverse charge. Additional cess that is applicable to certain items can also be custom configured. Print formats are configurable with 20+ templates already available for different types of businesses. Credit notes and debit notes are also raised as per GST specification.Ideal for Distribution, Retail,Manufacturing or any business entity that needs to transact with GST ready invoices. The user can have multiple print formats configured to different numbering series. Any number of billing series can be created for easy identification of invoices. There are built in controls for credit and minus stock billing. A customers credit limit can be configured in the master in multiple levels. Inventory control can be implemented by blocking billing when a particular item becomes zero stock. Print formats can be configured in different paper sizes and for different types of printers. The invoicing windows is simple and easy to use. There are pop up displays for Item billing history for each customer , ledger summaries of each customer and also MRP wise stock. The user can enable or disable display of cost in the billing screen. Using the user account control module editing and entering of back dated invoices can be blocked.