Make payments from Horizon ERP

Connected Banking with ICICI

To improve ease of doing business and to stay ahead in new digital world, banks are becoming more open and allowing customers to transact with them through various channels.ICICI Connected Banking is one such initiative of that allows secure and seamless integration of ICICI core banking functions with the customers ERP and accounting software. By integrating LEDGERS with ICICI bank current account, a range of core accounting functions like bank account reconciliation, NEFT/RTGS/IMPS payments and account balance checks can be made more easy, automated and secure.

Using ICICI Connected Banking, you can access the following functionalities from LEDGERS after integration:

  • Send RTGS / NEFT / IMPS
  • Check Account Balance
  • Sync Bank Account Statement

How it configure in Horizon ERP ?

Utilities Connected Banking

  • Enter the user details and Save
  • Register Connected Banking → To register user details in connected banking.
          Unregister Connected Banking → To unregister user from connected banking.
  • Login to CIB Portal for Self Approval

Self Approval

Create a Bank Account in Masters Ledger

  • Input the Ledger name.(Bank Name)
  • Select Ledger head from the listing at the right side.(Bank Accounts)
  • Select Banking Profile from the list on the right.
          (Already created in Utilities connected banking)
  • Input the Company‚Äôs Bank Account Number

Input the customer Bank Account Details in Masters Suppliers/Customers

How to Pay your bill through Horizon ERP?

Transactions Payment

  • Select Series , Date and ledger from the listing at the left side.
  • Input the amount to pay
  • Select payment method as bank
  • Select bank name from the listing at the left side.
  • Click on Save

Check your current balance and generate OTP for bill payment

Request for new ICICI current Account

Extras Request ICICI Current Account